You’ve found your local source for the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest vegetables and  flowers available.

We grow a huge variety here at Eddy Farm, where the deep red volcanic soil imparts unrivaled flavor and the hot Connecticut summer brings everything to peak ripeness on the vine.

You may wonder what it means to grow without the use of chemicals. That means that though we are not Certified Organic, we choose to grow all the food we sell without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our main defense against disease and pests is soil balance maintenance, achieved with periodic testing and additions of various minerals. Healthy plants whose needs are provided for by the mineral content of the soil are naturally resistant to any bugs or disease. This may be more expensive, and is certainly more trouble than using standard practices, but it is very important to us to maintain the biological viability of our soil, now and for the future. This is for the vibrant health of our family and yours.

We also do not grow any Genetically Modified varieties.

If you’re shopping our vegetables and have a question, inspiration, or just an itch for a chat, feel free to ask one of us at the farm stand. Growing is our business and we all love to cook, so don’t be shy!